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markus weggenmann
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Following the plans of the Lüdenscheid architectural practice Altenheiner and Wilde, a building complex with a very transparent appearance thanks to large-scale glass surfaces, has been built on a 22,000 square metre large site for the screw manufacturer Schriever.

This “Art in construction,” according to the wishes of the architects and the client, should create colourful accents in the black and white ambience and correspond to the high-tech nature of the industrial building.

The works of the Zurich artist Markus Weggenmann fulfil these requirements. In terms of colour and technique, they stand in a strong dialogue with the architecture. The medium of car paint on aluminium corresponds to the technically functional architectural concept.

Vibrant colours, mostly in unusual combinations, are characteristic of Markus Weggenmann's work. His stripe pictures represent striking symbols in numerous public buildings. Particularly spectacular is “Tribute to the Stripes,” an installation of 192 striped pictures with altogether 2304 stripes lining the stairway of the Swiss credit institute in Zurich.

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