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mischa kuball belongs to the internationally renowned artists who include electrical light in their work.

his objects and installations focus on architecture and on perception. at the same time there is a social component in his work, for example in the spectacular “megazeichen” for the mannesmann-haus in düsseldorf (1990).

“urban light” is a large-size backlit photography, made in 1999 for the three-storey entrance hall of the stadtwerke lüdenscheid. kuball has “caught” the lights of the town by help of a hand-held camera on a ride through the streets during the night.

kuball works in the tradition of the technical experiments initialized by the bauhaus-artist lázló moholy-nagy around 1930. kuball refers to the topic “light as energy”, thus creating a direct connection with the electrification of cities, a subject essential for the stadtwerke as the main deliverer of energy for the region.

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