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François Morellet's work for the Lüdenscheid Sparkasse's new building (architects Schürmann and Zoll, Munich) demonstrates the artist's geometrical shape vocabulary. The architectural principle of form - “transparency” - is congenially incorporated by the artist's concept.

On the sandblasted glass partition wall between the customer area and the 24-hour service area, one can see on one section the central intersection area of large circles that overlap each other.
Two lateral partition walls show small quarter segments. The circles are not arranged according to a mathematically calcualted system, rather according to the principle of chance (“aléatoires”).

The curves (“courbes”) created in this way appear sweeping and vivacious. The play on words contained in the title also refers to this phenomenon. “Aléatoire” (from the Latin alea, meaning dice) means in translation not only “according to chance”, but also “risky, daring”. Such play on words, often jokily ironic, are typical of the titles of Morellet's works. They demonstrate his superior and modern handling of the fundamental elements of the established constructive art. With “GRANDES ET PETITES COURBES”, he has created a piece of work for the Lüdenscheid Sparkasse in which the traditional and the contemporary have been successfully combined.

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