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The architecturally remarkable new building for the Luedenscheid department of works was completed in February 2000. The renowned Duesseldorf architectural practice Hentrich-Petschnigg and Partner has, with this semicircular transparent building, not only made a striking mark in terms of urban development, but has also realised the client's wish for the type of construction that is open, allowing communication on all levels.

In agreement with the architects, the sculptor Professor Erich Reusch was commissioned to create a sculpture for the outer area.

He created a 12.5 metre long and 3.7 metre high sculpture out of Corten steel, that stands in an exciting relationship with the building. The ring-like architecture is sculpturally extended in a square metre large area left free on the ground floor. Through the shape and positioning of the sculpture - and with conscious incorporation of the architectural planning concept - fencing off and openness are simultaneously significant.

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